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August 2011

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Pairing: Belldom

Disclaimer: I don't own Muse.

Rating: nc17/18

Word Count: 2198

Feedback: Yes, Please

Beta: engel_sehnsucht

Warning: PORN

Summary: They were a trio.




Prompt: based on this prompt on mkmeme. "Matt being fucked by Chris and Dom at the same time."




They were a trio.


People had always tended to refer to them like that. Not Dom, Chris and Matt but the boys, the three, the trio…


They were one entity and they had managed to make their dream come true by remaining that tight, united being where not one of them was above the other.


It worked.


They didn't indulge very often, not like that, and not as often as they used to when they were teens or at the beginning of Muse. Now it happened about every two years and only when they were in the right mood and something big came up.


Like today.


They had just sold out the entire Wembley stadium


How could they have imagined, back when they were only scrawny teenagers, that one day it would happen?


Dom didn't. He believed in them, but not that much. When their manager announced them the tickets had sold out in less than a day he was blown away.


Chris was ecstatic, frantically calling Kelly to tell her everything, nearly speaking as fast as Matt usually did, babbling away and nearly crying.


And they said Dom was the sensitive one.


Running a hand through Matt's hair, the drummer leaned down and kissed his lover languorously and slowly, taking his time to map every nook and cranny of the mouth and lips he knew so well. Breaking the kiss to take a deep breath, he smiled down at Matt and gently showered his face with tiny, soft kisses.


"Chris seems happy," Dom muttered between kisses.


Matt nodded and pulled himself up with his hands on Dom's shoulder's to straddle his lover's thighs and hummed before leaning over and kissing Dom, his hands framing the blonde’s face.


Feeling his pulse increase dramatically, Dom’s hand sneaked up Matt's back and slowly lowered the black braces from his lover's shoulder. "Maybe—" he breathed against Matt's mouth, "we should invite Chris." He moaned when Matt rubbed against him exactly where it was good and began to rock them. "You know…to celebrate."


Matt panted against his neck and buckled his hips sharply at one particularly hard thrust of Dom's erection against his. "'t's been a while," he agreed in a breathless voice.


"Yeah," Dom nodded, running his hands up and down Matt's narrow back under his t-shirt.


"Yeah," Matt repeated, and it was probably the only thing he could say in such a deliriously aroused state, Dom realized.


Matt continued to rock himself above Dom, panting into his neck with his trembling arms braced on the back of the couch on each side of Dom's face, incoherent moans the only sound he could produce.


Dom chuckled and leaned back comfortably in the cushion of the couch with his hands still under Matt's t-shirt and watched him rock back and forth on his lap, the both of them still fully clothed, the singer's head thrown back, his intense blue eyes fixed on the wall behind Dom.


That was something he had always loved about Matt. He was a very sensual and sexual creature and watching him come undone like that, at his hands, putting that much trust in him and letting Dom see him so vulnerable and open was one of the greatest proofs of love Matt could give him.


Dom gasped at one particular hard thrust and chuckled at the frantic path Matt's rocking had taken. "Come on, baby," Dom crooned, his thumbs gently caressing Matt's belly, his palms nearly surrounding his waist. "Come for me, Bells."


Matt accelerated the movement and after one, two, three more thrusts, stilled and shuddered, silently coming above Dom, still making tiny, rotating movements to ride out his orgasm, panting harshly.


People pegged Matt for a screamer but that was far from the truth. He was silent: everything happened in his eyes. You could see intense pleasure in his blue orbs that no words could translate when he came.


Dom caught him when Matt dropped limply on him and kissed his sweaty black hair. It took a few minutes for Matt's breath to return to normal but, while waiting, Dom could feel a clever, slender hand begin to unzip his trousers. "What about Chris?" Matt muttered into Dom's neck after managing to sneak his hands inside Dom's boxers and grip his hard, leaking cock.


Dom hissed at the sensation of finally having his member free from his tight pants and sucked at Matt's pulse point, enjoying the slow, firm strokes that Matt's hand was inflicting to his cock. "Don't worry, I think he's enjoying himself," he answered.


Matt didn't stop stroking but turned his head on the side and smirked when he saw Chris sitting on the opposite couch, already stroking himself. The bassist smirked at Matt and licked his lips. "Don't stop on my account, Bells."


Matt chuckled breathlessly and continued his ministrations on Dom, increasing the pace of his hand and twisting his wrist the way Dom loved.


After a while, Dom gently grabbed his wrist to stop him and wrapped his arms around his lover, nodding in Chris' direction to indicate the bedroom of the hotel room. He carried Matt the short distance and delicately laid him down on the bed, smiling at him.


The drummer undressed quickly and knelt between Matt's legs, slowly unbuckling the black belt and opening the fly of Matt's white pants. Chris had already joined them and was leisurely unbuttoning Matt's white shirt, dropping kisses on each patch of porcelain, creamy skin it revealed.


When Dom was finished with the pants, boxers and socks, he crawled back up and lay down next to Matt, kissing him tenderly while entangling his fingers in the disheveled raven hair.


Matt moaned into Dom's mouth when Chris began to suck on his nipples and arched his back, sneaking his hand to Chris' head, encouraging him to continue what he was doing.


After a while, Dom straightened up and sat next to his lover's sprawled frame, simply staring at the arching and shuddering reactions Chris was provoking by sucking his nipples.


Matt's blue eyes were gazing almost drunkenly at the ceiling, his pupils totally dilated, lost in wave after wave of pleasure, skinny arms resting beside his head, hands lost in his hair in the mist of pleasure. He seemed completely out of it, mouth slightly open and his body shining with sweat. Dom wondered, and not for the first time, what he had done to be so lucky; to have a lover as wonderful as Matt and a life as perfect as theirs.


Matt whined when Chris began to lower his mouth on his body, taking his time with his belly button and Dom decided that it was his cue. He turned to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube that was resting on it and poured some on his fingers. Crawling back between Matt's legs, he put the bottle down on the sheets and softly caressed the white, gorgeous thighs, chuckling when Matt automatically spread his legs a bit more.


Dom began to circle Matt's opening with a finger, taking his time and keeping enough wits to coat Matt's opening with a large amount of lube to avoid any discomfort and pain. Slowly pressing a finger inside, he hissed just from the feeling of having a finger in his lover tightly clenched between the muscles.


Chris grabbed Matt by the waist and, minding Dom's finger inside the small body, gently turned him on his stomach so he could put him in the right position. Matt mewled at being manhandled with now, two of Dom's fingers inside him and moaned when his lover touched that inner point that made him tremble and whine in pleasure.


Chris wrapped his arms around Matt while gently sucking at his neck and slowly lowered the guitarist to his lap. Matt gasped at another of Dom's sharp twists inside him and reached a trembling hand to Chris member, nuzzling it before taking it in his mouth in one, swift gesture.


The bassist moaned and threw his head back, a hand fisted in Matt's hair, not forcing him to suck but just as some kind of leverage. Matt hummed in pleasure around him as he felt the tip of Dom's cock press against his opening.


After Dom was completely sheathed inside Matt, Chris gathered the smallest member of the band in his arms and placed him against his chest.


"Jesus," Dom moaned.


Chris looked over Matt's head and his gaze crossed Dom's, the two seeming to agree over something in some sort of silent conversation.


Chris grabbed the lube and coated his fingers with it and directed his hand to Matt's backside, circling his already spread opening and finally pressing a finger inside along Dom's cock.


The drummer shuddered at the added pressure and tightened his arms around his lover when Matt whimpered. Chris ran a soothing hand over the small of Matt's back and added another finger, wincing at the tightness.


Dom looked down at Matt, a frown of worry marring his face and winced when Chris added a third finger, spreading Matt even more. "You think he can take it?" Dom asked breathlessly, concerned of hurting his lover. He'd hate himself and Chris if it happened. 


Chris looked down at Matt's face, pressed against his chest, blue eyes glazed over. Matt was making a small, continued humming noise in the back of his throat and it strangely reassured Chris as he knew it was one of Matt's unconscious things he did when overly happy, drunk, drugged or in total sexual bliss. "It's been a while," the bassist conceded. "But listen to him? And you know he'll say something if we're hurting him," he added and began to lube his own cock.


Dom kissed the back of Matt's neck and knelt under him, watching Chris grab Matt's thighs and positioning himself. "Ready?" Chris exhaled.


Dom buried his face in Matt's neck and nodded. "Go ahead," he said, hugging Matt close to his chest, feeling the small back shake with shivers.


Chris slowly pushed up and they both inhaled sharply at the sensation of their two cocks rubbing each other and Matt's body clenching like a vice around them.


It took several seconds for Chris to slip completely in, pausing every once in a while to let Matt's body adjust, Dom and the bassist both rejoicing in the increasing humming sound punctuated by small moans of pleasure.


"God," Dom whispered when they were both inside and immobile. "I could come just like that."


Chris chuckled breathlessly and wriggled his legs which were beginning to fall asleep with the combined weight of Matt on his lap and Dom kneeling above his knees. "Yeah," he confirmed.


Dom and Chris nodded at each other and began slow, sharp thrusts, not able to do anything else in their position and began to accelerate slightly when Matt moved his hips in time with them.


Matt moaned louder and louder as the sensation of having his prostate being continually stimulated increased and the small man weakly grabbed his forgotten cock pressed against Chris' stomach and started to stroke it in time with the two members inside his body.


The following was only a series of moans, sighs and grunts as the trio continued their sexual dance until completion. Matt was the first to come, his body viciously clenching around Dom and Chris' cocks, the two remaining band members shouting as their orgasms took them at the same time, shooting their seed into Matt's pliable body.


Chris fell backward, taking Matt with him in his fall and finally Dom who rested his forehead against his lover's shoulder blade.


They all panted for breath, trying to calm their erratic beating hearts, body sticky with sweat and come, limbs entwined.


After gasping and wheezing for several minutes, Dom managed to gather enough strength to prop himself up and slowly withdraw his cock from Matt's body before helping Chris to lift Matt up and lay him down on the bed, squished between their bodies.


Dom gently nuzzled the back of Matt's sweaty head, kissing him softly and gently stroking his belly, his other arm tightly wrapped around the small man, tenderly crooning soft endearments of love in his ear.


Chris smiled at his two best friends’ standard after-sex cuddle and turned on his back to gaze at the ceiling; an arm behind his head, his other on Matt's arm limply resting on his chest.


He never hid such actions from Kelly. When they were teens and had started to go out together, he had immediately explained to her that it would sometimes happen. That he loved his two best friends and that adding sex to the relationship wasn't cheating but simply a mean for the three to connect in the most physical and primal way possible to man.


Kelly was a great woman and he knew he was very lucky to have her, and she was also very clever. She knew he wasn't cheating but only deepening the strong and unbreakable bond tying the three of them together.


He simply hoped Kelly won't be mad that it happened when she wasn't there to watch.





I must admit, for your first porn EVER it's quiet mind-blowing! ^^
Thanks. I hope it's okay...
That works beautifully :)

The humming is fantastic!
fuck, just fuck. that was so damn hot. my mind just flew out the window.... XD
"my mind just flew out the window" I really don't know a better sentence than that to express the feeling xD
Holy shit. A friend ordered me to read your story and damn that made my day. I'm a sucker for everything including Chris and this was just ...I'm totally lost for words.
Sooo hot!

He was silent: everything happened in his eyes.
My most favourite line! Matt's eyes are magical.
Ah great! I'm happy you liked it ^^

That was G8!!! I love it omfg...sooo fucking hot!!

I can't say nothing...I just can't sorry...

Dom, Matt, Chris...my mind is now far way....

love it love it love it <3
Ohhh btw:

"That was something he had always loved about Matt. He was a very sensual and sexual creature and watching him come undone like that, at his hands, putting that much trust in him and letting Dom see him so vulnerable and open was one of the greatest proofs of love Matt could give him."

Reading a pwoper porn in morning is a good way to wake up

^^ I'm glad you liked it!
That. Last. Line.

Matt was making a small, continued humming noise in the back of his throat and it strangely reassured Chris as he knew it was one of Matt's unconscious things he did when overly happy, drunk, drugged or in total sexual bliss. "It's been a while," the bassist conceded. "But listen to him? And you know he'll say something if we're hurting him..."
Even during the sex, this is so adorable! Matt's like a little kitten or something, purring. :D

And...yeah, relative bits are all tingly. *applause*
Thanks. I guess I didn't do that bad for my first porn if I read the feedbacks of you wonderful people ^^
Oh Christ that was HOT! loved it!!!!!!!
Hot! :D

"He simply hoped Kelly won't be mad that it happened when she wasn't there to watch."
The perfect ending :)

I have no idea if you're still here, but a friend recommended this to me and I'm glad she did. This was not only really hot, but it was also indeed a strengthening of the bond between the three.

Hiya! Haven't been here in years! I thought about taking down my blog because I didn't get any new comments in years too, so I'm happy to see people still read those stories. I'm absolutely not in writing Muse story anymore :) So, thank you ♥
Oooooo, don't take it down just yet. I have a habit of reading all stories of someone once I discover them. And if this story is any indication, I think I might like your stories.
Don't worry. I won't take it down :)
Glad about that.